• When is my deposit due?

    A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required at the time of booking along with a credit card number. Further deposits of $500.00 will be required at 6 months and 3 months prior to the wedding date which will be applied to the balance owing. Service charge of 2% per month will be charged on overdue accounts. Cash, Debit, Cheque, or Credit Card may be used as payments. Should the organizer fail to pay these charges, they will be billed in full to the credit card on file. Credit cards payments are subject to a 2% service fee. For Wedding receptions, final payment is due 2 days prior to the function.
    Space can be held tentatively without a deposit for up to 14 days. If a second party wishes to book the room, you will be notified and given 72 hours to confirm your booking with a deposit

  • Can I tentatively hold a room without a deposit?

    A tentative hold may be placed on a room for up to 14 days. If a second party wishes to book the room, you will be notified and given 72 hours to confirm your booking. To confirm and secure the booking, you must  provide the required deposit within the designated timeframe.

  • What is a BEO?

    BEO stands for Banquet Event Order. It is an  agreement form that details selections for food and beverage, audio/visual, room setup(s), staffing requirements and other details for your event. It also confirms all pricing, as well as the start and end time for your event.

  • When do I get a copy of the BEO?

    A BEO is started once you put down your non refundable deposit. This is the confirmation that you have the room booked for the dates and times specified.

  • What if I want to cancel my event?

    Cancellations of meeting rooms within 30 days of the function are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the contracted charges. If you cancel and re-book your function within 30 days of the cancelled date there will be no cancellation fee, and your deposit will be carried over to the new event. Cancellations not received 48 hours prior to the event are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of all anticipated charges.

  • When can I start decorating and when do I have to remove my decorations?

    For Weddings, your room will be booked from 8AM the day of your event, until 1AM. You may be able to get into the room the night before if there are no events booked. Kingswood staff will take care of general clean up, but any decorations must be removed immediately after the event. If the room is not booked for the next day, you may be able to leave your decorations and pick them up the following morning.

    For all other events, the time the room will be available to you will be specified on the banquet event order.

  • What types of fees are involved when I book at the Lodge?

    SOCAN Fee: SOCAN stands for Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada. The fee varies depending on the capacity of the room, and will be charged if you bring in a DJ, or have a band playing at your event. All music must cease at 1:00am, unless otherwise arranged in advance. The SOCAN Fee is $90.12 plus tax.

    Ceremony Fee: Indoor $175.00; Outdoor $350.00

  • What will be included when I book an event at the lodge?

    Kingswood provides tables, white linen and napkins, all of the cutlery and glassware needed, as well as servers for your event. We will take care of the setting up and tearing down of events, so the only thing you need to bring would be any decorations for the room. 

  • How many meetings will we have prior to my Wedding?

    You can have as many, or as few meetings as you need. The two most important meetings are the initial meeting, where we would get a feel for what type of wedding you are having, and the final meeting, which is the week of the wedding. At the final meeting we would finalize your numbers, go over the whole set up, and agenda with the supervisor that is running your wedding, and make the final payments. If you are having a sit down dinner we can also arrange a test meal for you to make your meal choice.

  • When should I make my meal choices?

    You can make your meal choice as soon as you know what you would like. Approximately six months before the wedding, you should have a test meal, if you already haven't done so. The very latest we require your menu choice is one month prior to the wedding date.

  • When are payments due?

    Final Payments are due 2 days prior to your event. This is also when you will give your guaranteed number of guests. If there are any additions made to your guest list after this date we can accommodate them and bill you for the difference, but the number cannot go below the guarantee after that time.

  • What items have a gratuity charged?

    A 15% gratuity is added to any food or beverage ordered. Gratuities do not apply to any other fees.

  • How much reception food should I order?

    If you are having a dinner, you can have less food at the reception. A large vegetable tray and a large cheese tray would last through a reception for 100-130 people. If you wanted to do passed food, 3-4 pieces per person is a good start. If you are just doing reception style food, we would recommend 8-10 pieces per person, along with some trays. These are just base numbers to go by, you can speak with the Events Manager to discuss more options.

  • Can I have a host bar or use drink tickets?

    Yes, we can offer to have a host bar, or you can have drink tickets for your event. For the host bar, all of the drinks would be rung in under one tab and emailed the next business day. You can limit the time of your host bar to just during the cocktail reception, or have it available the entire night. If you go with drink tickets, you will only be charged for the tickets that are redeemed at the bar. The price of each drink would depend on what drink they used the ticket for. A 15% tax, and 15% gratuity is added to any host beverage.

  • Can I bring in my own food or take left over food home?

    The Lodge in accordance with current city and provincial Health Department regulations, does not allow any outside food to be brought into the Lodge function rooms or to leave with leftovers. Wedding cakes are the exception to this rule and can be brought in if purchased from an establishment licensed by the New Brunswick Department of Health. Any other food must be ordered from our kitchen.

  • Can I bring in my own alcohol?

    All alcoholic beverages as per NB Liquor laws, and according to licensing regulations, must be provided by the Lodge for any function taking place in the Lodge. The laws permit service of liquor between the hours of 11:00am, and 1:00am. Alcoholic beverages, including donated liquor, or homemade wine cannot be brought into the function rooms from outside sources

  • Can wine be used as a wedding favor?

    Wine would be considered outside liquor, and cannot be brought into the Lodge due to our liquor license.