Spieth Anderson and GymNova Equipment

Kingswood Gymnastics has a full array of Spieth Anderson and GymNova equipment, leaders in the manufacture of gymnastics equipment, including:

40' X 40' SA Spring floor  •  1 set of SA Women's Uneven bars  •  1 set of GymNova Uneven Bars  •  1 SA Men's High Bars  •  4 SA Competition Beams and one Low Training Beam  •  2 sets SA Men's Parallel Bars  •  2 SA Men's Pommel Horses  •  1 set SA Free-standing Rings  •  1 SA Vault Table  •  countless other mats and accessories

Kingswood Gymnastics is one of two facilities in New Brunswick to have 2 in-ground competition-grade trampolines. Additionally, we have an in-ground "resi" pit and an in-ground foam cube pit.